Friday, October 23, 2009

What If We Hold On To What Is Really Important?

Last week, my sweet husband and I were cleaning out our storage unit to prepare for a three day, 17-family Neighborhood Yard Sale at our home. He loaded the entire SUV to take the first load and since there was no room for me in there, I sat in front of the open storage unit awaiting his return on a dusty old lounge chair cushion sipping my red Montana Mug of coffee. The sky was a beautiful clear blue and the afternoon sun was bathing me in warm Fall Delight. I was peacefully alone in the gated lot staring into the "junk" packed mess inside!

I began to feel so guilty, so saddened, so ashamed as a million thoughts ran through my mind about how we haven't needed or used all this "stuff" in years; how so many others could have been using these things; how so many now are homeless and doing without due to the barrage of disasters in Indonesia, Samoa, and the Philippines - some now without even a cup, dish or spoon to eat with or food or a soft place to lay their heads; and not to mention those who have lost their homes due to our own nation's economic ills.

Beginning to cry, I prayed that God would forgive me for being such a packrat, for hoarding, for being so selfish with things that don't really matter in the light of Eternity. I asked that He would be part of this yard sale and that He would show me how to give away in every area of my life. That I would become a better giver especially in the areas that would bring Him Glory and Honor and Joy to the lives of those He loves.

The (now) Annual Neighborhood Yard Sale was a smashing success! No, I’m not miraculously changed, but He is changing me as I yield to His Gentle Voice and Guidance. Yesterday, I caught myself arbitrarily saying, “Here, I don’t need this, can you use it?” with brand new things. Now, it feels almost as good to give away physical things to others as it does to comfort, hug, encourage and ask how I can pray for or help them! :)